crowfallguides | Crowfall interview covers the campaign system at length

crowfallguides | Crowfall interview covers the campaign system at length

Wrapping your head around Crowfall’s PvP campaigns can take some doing, especially as ArtCraft is angling at a different approach than what most MMOs take. Italian site sat down with J. Todd Coleman to go through the campaign system, start to finish, in order to get a better feel for what it will have to offer.

In the interview, Coleman argued that the limited duration of each campaign is what makes the gameplay impactful and memorable: “To use an analogy: think of it like the World Cup. If your team is knocked out, fans go crazy. Why? The team can try again next time, right? That’s not the point. The point is that right now, at THIS moment, we lost. History will reflect the victor (and losers) of THIS championship.”

Coleman said that even when Crowfall launches, the team won’t have finalized all of the rules and details for each campaign but will continue to tweak and experiment. “Rather than go into this assuming we know all of the answers, we built a game that allows us — both before launch and after — to constantly iterate and try new ideas to ‘find the fun.’”

So how will campaigns end? Right now they’re set to close out without fireworks and pomp, although Coleman said that over time the team hopes to add more fanfare to campaign finales.


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