Crowfall says it’s retooling its ‘test cadence’ on crowfallguides

Crowfall says it’s retooling its ‘test cadence’ on crowfallguides

ArtCraft says it’s “shifting gears” and recalibrating Crowfall’s “test cadence.”

“Over the next few months, we are going to adjust our test cadence and gauge the impact on our development velocity,” says the studio in what is surely the most jargony sentence I’ve had to type this year. What they mean is that they are going to halt the current phase of multiple tests per week and focus on longer test cycles so that when the test server is “back online, [ArtCraft] will have more to show.”

As the year marches on, the studio says, it will switch over from testing to building, thereby speeding up development with an eye toward that soft launch it mentioned a few weeks back.

“This means you’ll start to see us stitching the pieces together. We want you playing in our first prototype of a campaign late this summer, having Eternal Kingdoms in the fall and getting most of the systems in place this year. Basically, we’re shifting into to high gear to bring the Crowfall vision you’ve backed to fruition. […] You’ve seen and played some Crowfall gameplay, but soon we’ll all be experiencing the beginning of Crowfall the MMORPG.”

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