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The much-awaited content expansion to EVE Online is now dated thanks to a new post on the game's official site. Citadels are taking EVE to a whole new level of player interaction by creating massive space stations that are the rough equivalent of player-created cities in space.

Medium, Large, and XL Citadels – the Astrahus, Fortizar, and Keepstar respectively – the largest of which is massive enough to offer super-capital ship docking bays.

Module Slots allow for weaponry, electronic warfare and rigging components to be installed.

Modular construction to add markets, clone units, compression systems and other facilities.

Ship Tethering provides security for friendly ships close to the Citadel, granting safe passage in and out of the structure.

Unlimited Personal and Corporation Hangars provide residence for even the largest of Alliances.

Multiple Undock Points, including separate capital (L Citadel/Fortizar) and super-capital (XL Citadel/Keepstar) undock areas, prevent traffic at busy hubs.

Learn more about the expansion by visiting the EVE Online site.

EVE Online : Citadel to Launch on April 27th - crowfallguides.com

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