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Gigantic Sirens Strand

Motiga’s got a fittingly huge update going live today for Gigantic, which includes not only the usual slate of bug fixes and balance changes, but a slew of experimental additions to the game that the dev team describes as “not-fully implemented.” Woo, beta!

Closed beta patch 5.0 adds a new hero, the cuddly juvenile snow guardian Pakko, described as “abominable snowman meets Totoro.” He’ll only be available from today until the 10th, to provide early feedback to the devs so they can further refine his skills and abilities. Fitting with Pakko’s origin, there’s a new icy battleground, Siren’s Strand, which houses “the derelict corpse of an ocean liner that crashed along the frozen shore some time ago.”

That’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the changes going into this patch, which includes changes to nearly every aspect of the game. Check out the full list on the Gigantic forums and, if you’re in the beta, hop back in when it goes live to let us know how everything plays out!

Gigantic Pakko

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