crowfallguides – Hex Hosts Its First Ever $100k Invitational Tournament This Weekend


For the first time ever, 12 Hex players will compete for $100,000 in prize money in the Hex Invitational Finals. The 12 players fought their way through several smaller events to win their spot in the finals, taking place at the esports Arena in Santa Ana, California this weekend (March 5-6).

As with most esports tournaments, all players will be competeting for a share of the $100k, with the prize money being broken down as follows:

  • 1st place: $40,000 USD, HEX Invitational Winner Sleeves
  • 2nd place: $20,000 USD
  • 3rd place: $13,000 USD
  • 4th place: $9,000 USD
  • 5th place: $5,000 USD
  • 6th place: $4,000 USD
  • 7th place: $3,000 USD
  • 8th place: $2,000 USD
  • 9th place: $1,000 USD
  • 10th place: $1,000 USD
  • 11th place: $1,000 USD
  • 12th place: $1,000 USD

For those unable to attend the Invitational at the arena, the Hex team will be streaming the event on their Twitch channel, beginning at 10:30 a.m. Pacific both days.

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