crowfallguides | Lessons learned from Crowfall’s Siege Perilous test

crowfallguides | Lessons learned from Crowfall’s Siege Perilous test

Crowfall’s pre-alpha population is currently battling it out in Siege Perilous, a limited-scope test designed to try out the game’s new castle siege system. Two weeks in, ArtCraft delivered several observations about how it is all going and what adjustments might need to be made in the future. Apparently a great deal of the action is centered around keep defenders sallying forth to destroy the attacker’s trees and some of the quirky combat tactics that emerged.

ArtCraft did make one major adjustment to help keep players informed during the fight: “Circling back around to a previous issue we mentioned — providing combatants with information about the flow of the match — we noticed this was a general issue, not a problem specific to the protection of the banewood trees. Players on both sides had little idea what was happening from an overall battle perspective. To remedy this, we added a toast system to keep you informed of the key events going on in the siege.”

The team said that while it’s still trying to stamp out several bugs, it’s been pleased with the overall game performance. Crowfall is gradually ramping up Siege Perilous to allow more waves of testers to try out the catapult and siege mechanics.

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