A lot of so-called alpha and beta test are merely PR events


Yes it is only pre-alpha, they only just implemented the real big worlds, so before that it was not even the game, but only a bunch of techs throws together, it is as pre-alpha as its gets (but also yes they are making rapid progression towards getting to alpha and beta stages, but they are not in those yet.

Just because your bought/got invited to multiple beta/alpha tests before, does NOT mean you actually know what the purpose of them are, plenty of ppl dont, also a lot of so-called alpha and beta test are merely PR events rather than real test, but for this game so far they very much ARE real tests, and from what you been writing so far it does NOT sound like you know what real tests are.

AGAIN, knowing the purpose of alpha/beta testing (rest assured I do) has zero to do with my point which seems to be flying right over your head. Do you somehow think I am trying to suggest that bringing people in waves during testing is not prudent as you seem to be clueless on my point. (rhetorical question- just go re-read my previous posts to try to understand my actual point if you want to continue arguing against it as you are not even on the same page with your replies)

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