ACE say the beta is started given the nature of modern iterative development


I actually heard the projected open beta start is late in this year or early in the next year. I think it is more likely to be early in the next year. But what specific items are still need to be done? It might be interesting to summarize it.

Indeed, we still have alot of BASIC mechanics of the game that needs to be put in and tested. We haven’t even started in with polish work that makes or breaks a game.

Character creation is another important one. Because unless the skills in combat get redone, the only customization that will be done will be at character creation.

Yes that is the list of what is done, nothing, we only have a very basic world, and a handfull of AT’s that are still in need of adjustments, and a very first iteration of crafting and gathering.

The question is, at what point does ACE say the beta is started given the nature of modern iterative development, and the fact they hope to be building on this game for years to come? Also, at what point do they plan on allowing skill training to persist from test to test?

Since this is a time=skill based system, players are going to get increasingly attached to any skill progress they have made in early development. Yes it’s a test, and yes people should not get attached, but they tend to develop those emotions warnings or not.

Also “Several” skill trees is severely understating things, less than a third of them are done and those that are only some of them actually do anything right now. There’s not even any real permanency yet, as they’ve said multiple times they intend to reset the server in the future for updates being this is still “Pre-Alpha”.

People who are saying next year soft release might be partially correct, but I predict this game is going to look like Rust or other crafting-survival games for a long, long time even after they “launch” the game. We might see something resembling what ArtCraft promised in 2019-2020 at the earliest, given it’s taken them A YEAR AND A HALF just to implement and obsessively polish combat in what is still just Pre-Alpha rather than trying to get all of the other neglected basic systems online and crawl into Alpha. Combat, I might add, which still feels clunky, unfun, and slow at times, not even getting into server latency issues…

So yeah. Measurable progress, but saying the game would be in anything I’d call a feature-complete beta even late next year is unrealistic, and sooner is downright ludicrous.

Caravans is not a Crowfall mechanic. ACE envisions them forming based on how everything should work. But its not like a system of forming a caravan in a team and setting a destination for stuff to go to.

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