ArtCraft Partners with Travian Games to Publish Crowfall Internationally

Indie game developer ArtCraft announced that they have entered into a formal partnership agreement with Travian Games, a Germany game publisher to bring Crowfall to western Europe, Brazil, the Middle East, and North Africa.

“We received multiple offers to release Crowfall in Europe, but Travian was simply the best cultural fit. Travian Games has enormous reach, with millions of players world-wide – but they are still a game developer at heart,” explained Gordon Walton, president and executive producer at ArtCraft Entertainment. “This was key, as we don’t want a conventional publisher for Crowfall. We want a partner who sees the potential of our game, and won’t try to change it into something else.”

ArtCraft Partners with Travian Games to Publish Crowfall Internationally

Crowfall differs from standard MMOs in that each server represents a single “campaign” with a unique map, unique rules, and a limited timeframe. Each campaign lasts only a few months before one guild or alliance conquers the map and wins, and the players move on to the next campaign.

Crowfall successfully launched the kickstarter campaign in March of 2016, raising almost $2.8m in pledges from over 27,000 backers. According to Massivelyop’s report, “the Crowfall team says its goal is to have one universe for all players, meaning North American and European players will hopefully be playing together.”

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