Combat principles to weapon and armor specialization

Food a problem now but i think once farming and all that is unlocked and in it wont be as much of an issue, also craftign acamp fire with meat isnt difficult so i use that more to get food back by dropping it at a node and mine the nodes in range of fire place range.

I do feel crafting recipes need to be a little easier since full loot bame they need to be rather quick to get back although that being said alot of the time involved in making them is the craft times which may not be an issue to much when factory get added since u can make one and blueprint it and mass produce 10 or so more sets using the thralls. But will have to see Thralls are in.

My main concern with crafting atm is you may lack resources to produce alot of the things when game comes out since there be not harvesting pots and no one with harvesting skills leveled up so there be very little resources coming in. Easy solution is to have a cheap set that doesnt cost asmuch resources for basic sets for low crafting skill but you unlock more sets that are better but requires more resources as crafters progress through the tree. (For example Light plate, Medium plate and full plate varying on protections and resources required).


As testers you should do the same as he does, give feedback. If this is how he feels, don’t reply to him as if you have THE truth. He knows that this is a test and gives his feelings. I feel like people around here are only looking for someone to crush as soon as he posts something that they disagree with. Anyway, the food at 3.6 is too hard to provide, I also noticed harvesting tolls durability decreasing too fast compared to 3.5. Not really a big deal, but yea, I noticed it.

And about skils needing equips to work, i ask you guys, Did you plan to run in the game without equips at all? You guys are complaining about something you would do anyway. This is custard stupid! If you run around naked i hope you get insta-killed for being a noob. I dont get it. Seems like people here dont know the basics of MMO games. You can craft armor/weapons with 2-3 wood! FFS!

I’m okay with them trying out different things, but people are still going to give their feedback. I agree that you should have an incentive to craft armor (besides the obvious), and that naked pvp is stupid. However coupling powers to different armor pieces is really dumb. There are a lot more sensical ways to emphasize the need to craft armor besides gutting archetypes and piecing out their abilities to armor.

Some of the skill prereqs are awesome, like combat principles to weapon and armor specialization. Some, like the crafting ones, are terrible. The basic crafting tree was an interesting conflict of interest before, now it’s just terrible.

Increased crafting speed is worthless, why force all leatherworkers to go through three tiers of increased crafting speed? Why are blacksmiths inherently better at experimentation? Bring back the old Crafting basics tree, it was far better.

The GUI needs a huge amount of work. How about not being blind while crafting in a ‘drop everything on death mmo’. Getting ganked while I can’t see who is near me is pretty silly. For a game that has an emphasis on crafting, such a heavy punishment for doing it really drives me away from wanting to craft.

Until there is a place to store your stuff the game should not be full loot. I’m generally fine with looting other players (Or them me), but there needs to be some way to store progress. Right now your entire game life is stuck in your inventory.

I guess im confused why so many commentors speak as they have no clue what a game in early development truely is. Did you folks think this game was full feature release ready? Please explain to me I am trying to understand your logic from some of the responses in this thread and many others all over the boards. Feel like I’m in a bad episode of the twilight zone.

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