Crowfall 161112 Big World Solo Druid Play

I’ve watch a few videos and noticed players constantly opening the Crafting menu while fighting, it also happens in this video, what is the purpose of this? Is it just a Known Alpha bug or is it just a easy to hit Menu or what?

It was a bug that has been fixed. The hot key for the crafting window and the druid tray swap were bound to the same key, and there was no way to rebind it at the time. It is fixed now!

I am looking at this game and will likely start testing it out soon. It’s hard to tell, but when you get hit with an opponents attack (fireball for ex) does it interrupt your casting/attack? even for a second? or do you simply just take damage and whatever effect/proc his attack has n it?

TBH its up to you if you think you can handle the PRE-ALPHA state. There is no game loop ATM so there is not a lot of things to do. There are many bugs and performance issues that you will have to deal with. Also, if you wait till alpha, or even beta you wont need to pay as much. Right now they buy in would be $99 USD. If you wait like two to four months or something like that the $45 pack will probably get you in (TOTAL GUESS ON THE TIME LINES)

The power gap between a new account and an older account is very very minimal. You will see your biggest gains in damage after creating your advanced weapon, which takes an hour+. As Tinnis said, there are no levels to worry about. There is passive training that gives older accounts very very very small advantages, but its nothing that skill can not overcome. Crowfall is going to be a game made for groups. You can run around solo, just don’t expect to be able to do much and expect to be outnumbered 95% of the time. There are PLENTY of guilds recruiting… If you are EU I suggest looking at Caldera. If you are NA i suggest taking a look at the Guild Recruitment threads in the forums. Something should fit your playstyle.

If you want to play offensively as melee play Myrmidon. I am going to guess he is going to see the nerf bat pretty soon as he is pretty good at delivering damage, crazy amounts of CC, and his berserk mechanic makes him mitigate crazy amounts of damage. Druid can be played both offensively and supporty. You have to get the hang of her cause if you heal too much you start ticking damage on your self, and if you dont heal enough you can’t deal damage. Its an interesting take on a “heat” resource mechanic.

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