Crowfall (Alpha) First Impressions “Is It Any Good?”

Crowfall alpha in a nut shell. Trying to play and test the game out. Getting jumped by groups of 3-5 people. Spend another hour crafting to get back what you lost. And so on. No mmorpgs beta,alpha or pre alpha has ever made me want to kill myself more.

Do u think game developers shit money out of their asses or something? U do realize these people need to make a living, right?… The devs of crowfall are part of an indie company, they are not backed-up by some large corporation, this game could only be posible thanx to the people who wanted it to be made and who contributed to it, if you are too poor to pay for ur own entertainment or dont want to play the game then that’s fine, but dont go around insulting the players and the hard working devs who are trying to make this game possible. Nothing in this world is free dude, and if it is then it’s generally not worth it.

It is interesting game. But that alpha or beta is so overpriced. Also not to mention VIP membership, which is new term for premium account and we all know how bad those can get(if not, check mobile games). Not to mention sold game with micro-transactions. Now if I only remember where we saw that before… certain Black Desert springs to mind…

Anyway, still looks like solid game, if they can deliver. I will keep an eye on it. They do have good early ideas. As for customization, they are thinking about it, since on their homepage, you can see art for male and female archtypes. At least for most of them. But with it being in early alpha, those are stuff that can change at any point.

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