Crowfall Big World Testing

You said that every player is hostile and can kill you and take your stuff. That is true in this test, but not quite true for the game in general. Players have different factions / friendly players based on the campaign they are in. Some will be faction based (order vs neutral vs chaos), other will be deity based (my god and others who follow the same god are on the same side, everyone else is an opponent), or guild vs guild (where your allegiance to a deity doesn’t matter, just your guild affiliation).

From what I have seen, the wood harvesting axe never breaks. You need it to get wood, and you need wood to make any of the other tools, so you always have a basic, starter axe.

Watching you skip the experimentation was hard. It is already working. Its why you were able to make an experimentation potion. So the players can test the experimenting system.

Training is account based, like you said. However, you can only train one general skill at a time. And the General skill trees are split into Combat, Crafting, and Exploration (where harvesting is). So if you are training Crafting and trying to be a really great crafter, then you are not training harvesting or other exploration skills NOR your (general) combat skills. So you really have to choose which one is most important to you, or you can split your time making you more a jack of all trades, master of none.

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