Crowfall – Centaur helmet creation by Eric Hart

Really loving these videos! It would be really nice to know if you are starting with a concept and if so to be able to see it. Also, knowing how much time a video covers in realtime would be great! Would love to work on this stuff!

I mean I’ve been doing 3D for almost 7 years now, it wasn’t always like this, but you’re right, everything now can be seen online easily. Still, I was referring to people who pay that right now and those who will pay it next year etc… they probably just want to spend the money somewhere?

To me I think the students just don’t know any better, which is a shame really. But hopefully that isn’t the case and they’re able to do some quicker research online on the reviews of colleges and such.I’m guessing one day all teachings will be done via online and maybe the 100k fees won’t be a thing.

What do you do with DDO once you paint a whice “mask” on to an empty layer. I can’t catch it what you do after you’ve drawn that “mask”. It seems like you press something and then DDO makes that into it’s workflow style… Can you describe that process for me please? Thank you!

I agree with this in respect to models that deform or have multiple bones, but ahelmet isnt really an example of that… Right? Like, riggers pretty much just assign groupd of topology to bones, and then things get complex if that topology deforms, and things like IK chains, but a helmet is simple work for a rigger, and so in this specific case, (though your point is valid and defenitely accurate), I still think this would have been worth using something like zremesher for.

You should also consider that zremesher doesn’t make an optimal shape. It’s always an approximation. As such, a manually made retopo will always be able to capture de silhouette of the object and edge flow exactly as you want it. Even the low poly should keep decent and deliberate topology to keep a decent shape and, in some cases, to organize smoothing groups and material IDs. That means that, as it stands, organic shape models are actually the ones that could benefit the most from autoretopo tools as they have the least amount of sharp edges and defined shapes in the low mesh. Even so, always better to just do it manually at this point in time. If you know your mesh, you’ll avoid a world of pain when baking too!

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