Crowfall | Character Creation & Class Gameplay

I really hope it’s buy to play or reqquires a low sub at least(so that the game can actually develop over the years).I am really scared about on-line shops in game since some of the developers work in Bioware though.

The hunger dome is as far as I know currently just a way to play the game in between game tests in their 3 servers which includes a 3-side faction war covering castle sieges, resource capturing, and killing monsters. Than there’s the guild war server where guilds fight against each other. The third server is a free for all. There’s also a personal server for you to build your own castles and buildings using resources gathered from the other servers.

Fae Assassins will have stealth (and wings!?!), I expect them to have dual daggers or swords, or a mix. Duelist (guinea pig?!?) has rapier & flintlock and it is stealth/rogue class.

Also, Ranger has two skill bars, one for bow & arrows and one for dual daggers…and they are supposed to have stealth spec later on, but unlike previous two – they’ll have to waste one spec slot to stealth. I guess that’s to compensate for their bow and long range.

The game looks extremely fun. This is exactly the kind of RPG-PVP i’ve been looking for. My main concern is that I won’t be able to enjoy it due to the graphics. So many things to fix there and it looks like it hasn’t improved much in the last year or so.

This game was looking awesome up till the character classes and races? Does this game have races LOL or is it all humans. These classes look really dull and boring honestly.. meh here’s hoping it’ll change as alpha goes on.

I was a bit iffy during the earlier stages of Alpha on this game, but it already looks like it’s shaping up to be an amazing game. It already looks better than Elder Scrolls Online RvR, probably because it’s physics based combat instead of awful, awful soft-targeting. Same goes for this combat vs Camelot Unchained’s hybrid tab-targeting.

That’s really what sells me, as a combat is what you’ll be doing at least 50% if not more in your time during these games. Despite all of the other features, it’s the meat of the game, the main mechanic, the main adversity, and what everything is building up towards. As someone who spends most of his time productively, I only have time for one MMORPG (if even that), so $60 to play free forever instead of a forced sub which makes me feel like I have to play (Camelot Unchained). Crowfall so far has won for me by a landslide.

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