Crowfall Confessor Focus – Crowfall Pre Alpha Combat

This is pre alpha combat testing. Much of the game is unfinished and when you see it you will instantly think this. First we are working on getting combat done right then the rest of the game development will continue with the things that make it look better.

I really like to watch your videos but I dont see, why this game could be good. It looks borring as hell. Graphics are borring as hell. Mechanics are lame and old. I understand Markee is playing this – he is business partner with them, so he has to promote the game at all costs. But this is just my humble opinion.

i mean in the age where you have games like black desert online , vindictus ,c9 (and i know some of those are actually old and most of them are p2w but lets focus on combat only) the combat system in this game looks like something from 1990s

i mean a spell (the rainy thingie at 21:16 a spell with hight of only like a player – when it should be actually coming from the sky), the unimpactful swings with 2handed axe from the warrior , they dont give me much hope for this game.

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