Crowfall Confirmed Beta 1 Players Can Join in the Test This Year

Recently, Crowfall’s developers sat down for a lengthy Reddit AMA answering a lot of questions from the community. When asked about the possible beta testing date and release date, Gordon Walton said, “We’ll be letting beta 1 players into testing this year as we start more persistent testing. Actual beta TBD. Actual launch date even more TBD.”

What’s more, the team said the test data would be wiped before this fantasy MMORPG is ready, probably when it is in the “soft launch” moment. There are a series of open beta tests according to their official plan, and all players with a free account are able to participate in one of these open beta tests.

Coleman said that the team is currently working on the core of Crowfall: “our next milestone is focused on making the foundation of the MMO work: large scale world(s), persistence across days (…then weeks, then months), scalability of the game service. There are some new systems coming online (harvesting and crafting, revised chat, revised skills) — but MOST of the next milestone revolves around the theme of ‘laying the foundation for the real game’.”


Using Unity5, fantasy MMORPG by ArtCraft focuses on political alliances and feudal conquest. Players are expected to compete with one another, with the chance to take the throne in the offering. Interested players please stay tuned!

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