Crowfall Crafting and Economy System

Crowfall Crafting and Economy System

The Crowfall team has revamped the former Economy FAQ and added additional information about crafting, detailing some significant changes about Crafting and Economy System.

There are two primary types of resources in Crowfall, those used for personal crafting and those used for building and conquest. Internally we call them RESOURCES and MATERIALS. The base unit is thematically the same (stone, iron, wood) but they differ in scale.


Resources tend to be smaller in form factor (like rocks or wood) whereas materials are large (blocks and timber).
Resources can be harvested from the environment and sometimes found on certain monsters. These can be found in both Eternal Kingdoms and in campaign worlds.
Resources are the base ingredients for crafting equipment items and some very small structures.

Materials are designed to take up a LOT of inventory space, making it a challenge to transport them without the use of pack animals.
Materials can only be found at particular points of interest (POIs) known as ‘resource factories’. These locations (i.e. quarries, lumber mills and mines) are found in the campaign worlds and, due to their intrinsic value, we expect the POIs to be highly contested by player factions.
Materials are the base ingredients for building and repairing all large structures (buildings, castle walls, towers, etc).

The crafting system uses recipes that call for a general type of resource with the expectation that the crafter can slot in a specific type of stone (or wood, or metal) to adjust the properties of the item(s) created.

Crafting is a central part of the player-driven economy in Crowfall. Open-ended economic systems are tough to design. The most obvious goal of crafting in Crowfall is to enable players to create amazing items that tie directly into the different systems like equipment, city building and sieging. The less obvious but equally important goal is to create interlocking behaviors that drive players to engage with other players.

Every character has the ability to craft some items from the beginning of the game. Further crafting requires you to elect to train in crafting skills (at the cost of not exploring other skill trees), the accumulation of recipes (via discipline runestones and other gameplay mechanics) and an investment in your shops and/or factories.

Interested players can visit the official website to learn detailed features of Crowfall’s crafting and economy systems.

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