Crowfall Details a Big World Test

Crowfall Details a Big World Test

The Crowfall team have reached a new milestone with the start of a Big World test, the first test of a completely persistent world for the in-development PvP title.

Prior tests like Hunger Dome and Siege Perilous were mere sessions designed to test systems and animation, but the Big World test will be completely unique, with a persistent world akin to traditional MMOs and a significantly larger map. Additionally, the server up-time will be between 12 and 72 hours and character data should persist between restarts unless development requires a full wipe.

The team seeks to learn player input on systems like stealth, AoE and single-target skills, chat, harvesting and crafting. There will also be the expected backend tests to improve stability and FPS optimization.

With a new build comes new rules as the post describes the testing environment as “pretty harsh”. This means there will be full FFA PvP with full corpse looting and friendly fire protections only to people in your group. “We expect it to be a blood bath. So if you aren’t one of our hard-core players, you might want to wait for the next version,” warns the post.

Invites for the Big World test will be staggered, with Pre-Alpha 1 to Alpha 3 tiers getting invites starting next week and through the course of November. December will see invites for Beta 1 supporters, with system updates and refinements planned to be live by then.

Our Thoughts

This is…well…big! A persistent online space is a major milestone for any in-development MMO, even if it is going to be a nasty place to digitally live. We hope that the testers provide some helpful feedback and have a bit of fun doing it!

Your Thoughts

How do you feel about the upcoming persistence test? Are you ready to hit the new battlefield, or are you going to hang back and wait until a more complete testing phase is available? Tell us what you think below.

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