Crowfall – Duelist Powers & FX

You’ll have a blast playing our newest archetype, the Guinecean Duelist. Whether he’s whipping his rapier through the air or burrowing himself underground, he’s a ton of fun in a pint-sized package.

I love the digging and the underground jump. This class looks and animates like I imagined it would for the most part; really like a lot of the animations (especially the movement). The Guinecean turned out to be a bit bigger than I thought it would be, however. I didn’t realize these cuties were going to be were-capybara, but I certainly have no problem with that.

I know what you mean, it looks like they are acting outside the laws of physics. I don’t think it’s so much the animations, but the way the character controller itself is constructed.

Also it may just be the blending between animations, but I definitely see what you mean. It doesn’t help that the frame-rate in this video is like 20 FPS. Not hating btw. I’m pretty hyped for this game especially after they showed off crafting.

With cool looking armor & weapon skins. Personally i don’t want to have to choose that one template where characters only look like every goody goody 2 shoes hero type look. If i want to play evil, i want to look the part. But keep in mind, i can wait t’il your finish with the base game it’self. Skins & look can come after.

My guess is that you won’t see much beyond standard customization till launch, and after that – if the game succeeds, you’ll have what you want either directly or through cash shop skins and such. Basically, it’s what you already said.

I like it. Looks cool. I’m guessing the inspiration came from Reepicheep from Chronicles of Narnia. Go For Broke looks odd. Shooting randomly like that with a revolver makes sense for a cowboy but Flintlocks don’t do that. Just my opinion but I think the shot should have more meaningful damage with a cast time (animation loading gun powder and ball ammunition).

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