Crowfall first impressions – The Paladin Class

My first impressions of the Templar archetype in Crowfall. The Templar is a Paladin style archetype with a 2 handed sword and healing skills. The general vibe I get from the Templar is that it will be a zoning and area of denial style class that shapes where battles take place. You have a powerful AoE and don’t have a ton of mobility but you can really punish anyone who wants to fight you on your ground.

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I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t be a good first MMO. It’s going to be a lot more hardcore than a traditional theme park MMO since there’s a chance to lose your items, buildings, and things decay over time. However having potential risk and loss makes for a far more interesting game. This will be an MMO where you actually have to make social connections with other players to succeed…something that seems to have died off in MMO’s over the past 5+ years.

The graphics are stylized, rather than realistic. That was a design decision they made long ago, in part because they thought it fit the game better, but also for performance reasons. The game is a lot closer to an MMO than a MOBA. You just aren’t seeing a lot of that yet because there are a lot of systems that aren’t in the game yet.

Any customization in this game? Equipping different armors and weapons for instance having different looks? Or is everyone going to look the same? This game is gear progression based right?

Dude they have a looong way to go su much lag and chunky and clunky animations..I rly wanna play this soo bad so far I love everything they do with crowfall even tho it shouldnt be something I like based on my personal prefferance since i dont like crafting at all in any game also I dislike games with no real progression like lvl/gear whise still I’m looking forward to it very much for whatever reason.

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