Crowfall – Game Overview

I would try it if there was a free trial period, but the buy to play model doesn’t work for me for one simple reason. And that’s because MMO’s are just too hit or miss these days and most of the time they’re a miss from my experience. So paying full price for a game that probably wont be that good in the long run isn’t worth the risk for me.

not the case anymore. Graphics rendering, Caching etc on the level that even top Game Graphics are rendered are not an issue anymore unless you are on Grandmas 1995 PC and besides latency/ping has a lot to do with it and most games have settings to improve or lower graphics esp in the area of shaders and particle density etc. Cartoony is fine but these lack imagination and are sub par to WoW. I wouldn’t even call them cartoony – they are just bad and this style markets kids – little kids.

I am just now starting to follow Crowfall, really love the whole strategy, new campaign, always something different and fresh. Reminds me of Seasons in PoE or D3. However, I am on the fence as I jumped in early on GW2. I went all out and got the CE, preached the game to everyone I knew, got them all to play and then after 6 months we all quit and moved on. To this date I have waited on all MMOs and refused to fork over money for EA, I can say I am glad. Patience is a virtue, but I do like to help a Dev out and this is one I feel I could get behind.

I just learned about this today. Could be an interesting concept. Hopefully your voxel engine eventually leads to less-predictable maps than what I think I saw in this video. The concept could be fun, but as always for MMOs the devil is in the details. Best of luck, and if you get it right maybe I’ll see you in game!

Every fracking developer is doing “something no one has ever done before”. Every single one of them has failed. All brag; all fail, all sad. And this will have to have “Phasing”” that is what “Dynamic” means which bites and has soooo many issues and bugs. And this being able to use Voxils to destroy or change rendering – EQ Next did that First and well. Sadly this game is not launching last I heard. I hope Crowfall succeeds but the graphics are sub par to even WoW. WHY? Marketing to Kids? Vying for a broader age base? You can do better: Think AION Graphics with AION dynamic PVP, WoW Lore and EQ Factions.

You will lose a lot of players unless due to shabby piss poor graphics unless your Dungeons are mind blowing, well conceived with imagination and difficulty and there are End Game Raids with superbly balanced PvP with its own stats and tool kits specific to PvP because PvP and PvE should never be mixed with the same Character/Class Build/Tool kits. PvPers desire a whole different environment and expectations than PvE players. …its been done before…this looks like a lot like GW2.

I understand that, there are so many projects going at the same time, crowdfunded and AAA titles, and it still seems to be hard to find a quality game with a decent studio behind it. I’m confident that ACE knows what they’re doing, but we never know… time will tell I guess!

I’ll be totally honest. I am jealous of their achievements… I myself have no talent nor willpower to learn anything and they’ve made (took part in making) so many cool games.. I’d love to learn all of those programming magic, but lets be honest. Stupid people are born stupid to be stupid and feel stupid. And i belong to that group.

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