Crowfall Gameplay of My First Battle as a Ranger

I got a chance to look at the Kickstarter again and it’s only been in development for about a year and a half. It started in 2015. Regardless, I’d like this game to come out complete in however long it needs than get a broken game fixed through DLC and expansions.

Yeah, the Kickstarter was in February (March?) I think of 2015. Obviously they’d done some conceptual development prior, but it’s basically been a year and a half. Most MMOs take about 4-6 years to develop and release, so in theory it wouldn’t be unreasonable to have to wait until 2018 or 2019 for the “Beta”, but I believe ArtCraft Entertainment is hoping to do the Beta in 2017.

That’s what I was thinking when I was watching, this is the most dumb gameplay I’ve ever seen… we just wasted time watching him click one button, he didn’t even know how to use his brain to figure it out.

I know this is in pre-alpha but this is boring as hell. I don’t know if it’s because the guy has absolutely no idea what he’s doing or if the game is just boring. I think it’s both actually. I’ll pass on this.

Never been there around the pre launch of many games I guess. I played alpha for tera, beta for wow, alpha for blade and soul and black desert and many more games they all look 100x more shitty before launch no fucking shit. retards.

It’s not unusual for a crowdsourced game to release footage, or include backers as volunteers, in the pre-alpha and alpha stages of game development where other companies would normally wait at least until beta before releasing any info.

I assume it’s mostly a combination of studios wanting to be transparent with their backers in order to maintain their trust, as well as make use of a pre-existing group of folks that have a vested interest in the game’s success to help test out features and provide reliable feedback.

If they didn’t do this, then backers of mmos would probably have to wait between two to four years for a beta to come out after they’ve made their pledge, which is a really really long time, and the studio would have a much smaller test group available to them to help test the game’s features.

Well, speaking only for myself, I enjoy watching (and experiencing) the development process. Seeing how developers implement and iterate over different feature designs and watching how they come to their decisions. I like hearing from the devs about what changes they’re making, the reason why, and then seeing the implementation and finding out first hand whether it was a worthwhile rationale, or if another iteration is needed.

I suppose this might partly be because I’m also a programmer, albeit not a gaming programmer, but I still enjoy the insights to the process.

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