Crowfall – Harvesting & Crafting Demo

I get the whole dedicated crafter thing, and it sounds great… but could u be both a crafter and a “competent”/competitive fighter? I’m worried about having to choose one thing over the other, especially when you only have one “character” at a time… what If at some point I decide that I’m tired of being a crafter and would rather be a fighter?

Thanx for the Info FioEI54, Haven’t really played eve so wasn’t very familiar with the system.. But I’ve just read the FAQ, and I think I get it now… sounds more reasonable than what I thought it was (which was basically choosing one path and getting stuck with it)

It just seems so boring if you have to specialize in one thing. How many people are going to log in just to chop down trees? Enough to supply the entire server? Doubtful.

While crafting do you guys have plans to make navigation the menus easier? Like maybe allow tracking an item like the hilt and it might put the components required to craft that on top of your crafting menu for easier access. Our maybe while on the hilt you can just click the pommel component and it takes you right to that item recipe?

I actually like the summoning. It’s not a big deal, but I definitely agree that having actual tools, a tool belt and being able to sell these tools would be awesome. I absolutely love RuneScape’s take on tools and how it integrates with the Dragon lore. Stamina, on the other hand, is really unnecessary. Lemme harvest until I fall asleep, guys.

I am so happy to se SWG coming back in a game, I am just sick of RNG. The animation of the tool although not what I was expecting I don’t mind at all, even I sorta like it, my main complain in all of this video would be the UI of the crafting is to much. There is just to much information and to much to click at to reach something that should be rather easier to find.

Almost all MMOs have a huge problem with crafting: it removes value from raw materials, rather than adding value, because players get a side-effect (a skill-up, usually) from the act of crafting itself. This means that most people aren’t crafting in order to supply items to demand, but just to skill up. The result is that there are massive numbers of crafted items dumped into the economy at less than cost. How does Crowfall deal with this problem? I wasn’t able to tell from the video.

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