Crowfall – Harvesting & Crafting Preview

The hype around the upcoming MMO, Crowfall, advertised as a Throne War Simulator, just keeps growing, with the crowdfunding project having reached a total worth of over $ 10 million. For those of you that haven’t been keeping up, Crowfall will allow players to evolve in a world that is about to be destroyed. Thus, they will have to prove themselves and earn “rewards” before being transported to the next world. Put simply, each world will have a campaign, with a winner being picked at the end according to the campaign conditions.

These conditions will vary, and while most will have to do with PvP, some may be linked to the advancement of guilds. And of course, crafting will have a huge place in the game. The following video is a preview of Crowfall’s harvesting and crafting features, presented by lead designer Thomas “Blixtev” Blair.

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