Crowfall released a bunch of exciting updates concerning their plans to go international and what that means for players! The plans to make Crowfall international and the vision for making it happen were explained in an official news post by the developers and we selected the most important things you should remember.

What is certain at this point is that Crowfall is definitely going to have a European game universe, Devs are aiming to have it launched at the same time as the NA release and enable cross-play as much as possible. Further down the line might be partnerships with additional territories including, among others, Russia, China, Korea, Japan and South America.


One of the reasons for Crowfall going international is that 40% of the impressive amount of backers so far – more than 27,000 – are outside the USA. For starters, everyone who backed the game will have an account and be able to access their goodies bundles within the US Crowfall universe. However, the rewards will also be available in any different localized game universe that a player might choose for at a later time, once the game expands to a territory different than the USA.

Another important point is the game universe segmentation resulting from Crowfall going international. The devs stated they’d like to keep the separation between eternal kingdoms and campaign worlds to a minimum in order to keep as many players together as possible. However, it remains to be seen how that will translate into reality once partnerships for new territories are signed.

Head over to Reddit and participate in the ArtCraft Entertainment dev AMA! It’s happening today, at 10am Central (3pm GMT) on /r/games. We hope to get more interesting info and answers about Crowfall plans during the AMA so we are looking forward to the event. See you there!

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