CROWFALL MMO – Ranger PvP Gameplay, Siege Perilous

By what you’ve said i think you aren’t a programmer because i follow this game since the kickstarter and i can say that they are working really fast for being a small company.

It is not professional to question aspects of a game when you didn’t put the time to fully understand the mechanics (walking speed). About the Ranger fighting mechanics, you literally just user 2 skills, what about all the other ones? what about melee mode?

the point of an archer is to stay far away and shoot ur target, hopefully without ur target seeing u (and where u get plenty of time to recharge and aim at ur target)… it’s not meant to be used in close combat where ur oponent can read ur actions and easily dodge ur attacks, that’s how it’s supposed to be… I’ts also a skill-based action game, not a click-target and auto-attack kind of game….

there should be repercussions for dying since this is a PvP game with strategic elements. movement is sloe I agree but it shouldn’t be hella fast so there are people just running away from fights and out kiting other people with range. adds an additional layer of strategic opportunity to make ambushes, ganking, flanking and etc. in the full game. use your dash and melee disengage moves to assist with movement.

Thanks for posting the vid, looks good for Alpha. I’m thinking about backing Crowfall the more I see and read about it, and Camelot Unchained is not looking so good.

I’m going to disagree with 2-4 mins being too long getting back in the fight seems about right, unless you are just talking about for testing then I guess its fine. I really dislike zerg/respawn fests the idea of picking off people in a zerg and having it actually impact the outcome of large fights is something im looking for in a MMO.

unfortunately theres no tab targetting? the fuck is wrong with you? nobody wants that outdated shit, its an action game idiot, we want to aim when we fire arrows not auto aim crap.

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