Crowfall – Parade of Houses

Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to lounge around with friends at the end of the day or a spacious showplace to proudly display your spoils of war, there’s a home to suit your style in Crowfall.

I know it’s alpha but the color pallet of the textures seem kind of tired and old, the graphics of the housing items seems to pre-date the graphics engines capabilities at least.. I’m excited for the housing aspect just hope to see more excitement in the design of the items and decor.

Only because they aren’t in the game yet. It’s not like you can do anything with the house if you buy it right now. Once building actually comes online, you’ll be able to craft all the buildings.

The current pre-alpha tests are just bare bones in many ways, housing being just an example. Unlike houses, a number of features isn’t shown yet, not even as these early prototypes.

You just cleared my mind perfectly. I don’t have a problem with the idea. but the thing is every game tries too hard to implement the housing feature and it just ends up never being used or falling short of what it should be. More creativity is always nice and as long as you can place it relatively wherever you want it sounds good to me.

can you blend items into each other like two tables to make a larger table? (clipping?) will there be more decor like rugs, tapestries, paintings, can you drop resources in house in the form of crates (SWG) and will there be movable lighting affects?

Maybe storage capacity (+tax benefits?), and certainly cosmetics, vanity, more space for enemy heads on pikes and such fancy little things. They are not really essential per player, because someone in your guild/alliance will likely have (a number of) these.

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