Crowfall Pre-Alpha – Winning the Hunger Dome completely solo with no team! (Knight Gameplay)

Some Crowfall Pre-Alpha gameplay for you guys. I got a bug where I was assigned no team AND spawned next to an enemy team. I managed to win the game completely solo! I’m going to be doing a typical first impressions style video in the future but I just wanted to share this game ASAP.

Both the games I mentioned had dumb AoE healing as well, and it was bad. Most people just chose to do damage and sit in the back because it was more viable then the small amount of healing. Take numbers for example, if you have 3 people on you, chances are you are 100% dead with no hope of survival without a healer, let alone if you are the class supposed to be doing some of the healing. All I am saying is that I’ve played MMO’s since 01 and without heals the fights will be short and dumb. A world pvp game without main healers will be nothing more then a numbers game, I can guarantee, especially when learning about their ‘healing style’ that the fights will be almost 100% about who has more numbers and that will be the sole determining factor in battles that have even skilled players on each side.

i’m so excited for this game, but im curious about how the character customization works. are the classes gender locked and race locked? im ok with race lock sort of but i haaaaateee gender lock for some reason.

There’s going to be character customization but I wouldn’t expect anything crazy like BDO. The humanoid archetypes will be able to be male or female. However the more mythical archetypes like the Stalker and Myrmidon will only have 1 gender.

I’m planning on doing a first impressions video talking more about gameplay mechanics and stuff I’d like to see changed etc. Hopefully I can get that done soon.

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