ArtCraft founders J Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton announced yesterday that they will be pushing some of Crowfall’s features back to 2017. The team wants to make the best game possible and, rather than calling the features they have currently “good enough,” they are opting to continue to polish existing game mechanics until they are “great” or “amazing.” The sentiment is summed up in the following quote.

If we have to choose between hitting a date and making a great game, we will choose the latter, EVERY TIME. We can’t shortcut polish. We can’t just say it’s good enough and move on. That’s not why we started this company.

As a result, ArtCraft will now be pursuing a soft launch at first instead of a full launch. The reason for this move is as follows.

There is really only one way to deal with uncertainty. We are going to take as long as it takes, but instead of shooting for a single launch date (and delaying that day until we complete ALL planned features and content), we are aiming for a soft launch to get you in, and playing, as quickly as possible.

There is not yet a timeline for when the soft launch might happen, as the team is “reluctant to give any firm dates at this point.” We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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