Even if you’re not involved in the actual testing process for Crowfall, you probably like seeing the game in action just to confirm that it’s really working and wasn’t just a fever dream you had one night. There’s a new video just below showing off improvements to the game’s UI to confirm that yes, this is really happening, and you’ll have a variety of different interface options to tool around with while it actually happens. It’s excellent news for people who like seeing the game in development or just really enjoy on-screen buttons.

In the event that you’re more the “I want to see it actually unfolding” sort before you believe it’s real, you’ll want to watch the upcoming Crowfall Live! show on Twitch on September 15th, showing off the game’s dynamic spawning system and improvements to the zombie AI. Yes, technically zombies are the one place in a game where you can get away with truly horrendous intelligence, but the designers did more with it.

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