Crowfall Siege and Destruction + Siege Perilous First Impressions (Crowfall Gameplay)

What i think they should do with the healer classes is that they have long cooldowns on healing abillities. I don’t want to take damage just because i’m healing. Between the cooldowns you could have some sort of DPS abillities too.

Yeah after pouring my recent life into BDO, I’m a bit sad that all of the gameplay I see for Crowfall is quite obviously slower-paced and very mechanically different. 🙁 That said, I haven’t played it so it could be great in its own right and I’m mostly excited for the kingdoms in this game anyway; because hey, in some games I just want to be a dirty PVEr/entrepreneur/trader.

It’s almost as if there wasn’t a big announcement at the top of the screen that tells people what phase of testing the game is in… oh wait. It’s like internet idiots don’t know what an alpha is, more less a pre alpha.

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