Crowfall – The Druid in action

From watching some of the other pvp videos that have been released recently its very safe to say your party is the only ones who can see and use the “healing orbs” how ever once they have been retoggled to damage orbs they become visible to all for a couple seconds before they explode.

The ultimate is ripped off directly from the Alchemist in Skyforge, only much less cooler… At least in skyforge he can hover higher and move around slowly. I like the other abilities I’ve seen so far.

lifetime shadowbane player from war server here, i love this, only thing i dont like is the stances of the characters reminds me too much of guild wars which almost makes the game feel turn based and less real time.

When is it coming to Xbox? Can I use a controller with it on pc? Does it have a first person view? The big new fad is being able to okay from your couch. This being action based, that makes it easier to do. A controller would play a major factor on purchases. Action combos and combat has always been best with a controller as well.

As Tinnis mentioned, there will be options at character creation with different beards, haircuts, hair color, skin color, etc. Then later there are ways to customize the appearance with different armor styles, dyes and stuff like that. There’s an image showing concept for character customization on the website: Articles > Media > Character Equipment Concepts.

Well,your Druids wear these primal-ry designed armor,but they look like little cute fae-s. Those skulls or antlers don’t really combine with fairy look. I like your game,and I wish you great luck. But also I really hope you change/add smth to druid so they look more like “balance-she simply doesn’t care” not like “cutzy fairi guyz” they seem from this video.

Judging a game that’s in alpha based off what you’ve seen in a video is basically like going into a bread making factory, eating raw dough and complaining that it tastes like crap. So please, if you’re a fan of the MMORPG genre please understand that you can’t really get a good idea of what a game will be like until it’s in Beta and you’ve got to experiance firs hand, it’s fine to express your concerns and make suggestions but be constructive, it’s great to see developers being more open with the community and showing what’s going on behind the scenes, it’d be a shame if the words of a few uneducated idiots ruined that for the rest of us.

Something seems off about this character. Maybe it’s the orbs, but this seems bizarre for some reason. Compared to the other characters she seems way too OP. The only character to do serious healing, and has infinite ranged attacks? Basically you made an immortal confessor with a bear.

Plus the orbs bring up problems. If Player A. has about 90% of their health but Player B has 20%, player A could just take that orb of health. Without targeting players you want to heal, this could just tear teams apart. Sure once guilds actually are in, they won’t be jerks, but right now in Perilous and Hunger Dome in games with players you don’t know, this might cause issues.

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