Crowfall: The Duelist Archetype Preview

Crowfall has revealed a new archetype, the Duelist. It is described as “An interesting mix of guinea pig, Reepicheep & Inigo Montoya that fights with melee and ranged powers.”

The Duelist will join the Ranger as one of the Specialist role archetypes. In the case of powers and resources, his power tray has no power combos, instead he uses a traditional rogue style combo point resource system, which drives quick melee and ranged attacks. He only has a single power tray, and can go into burrow mode.

Crowfall The Duelist Archetype Preview 2

Have a look at the concept of the Duelist:

His appearance customization is allowed in the game at launch. One thing should be noted that the Duelist does not have corresponding female version. Interested players can visit the Official Crowfall website for more information.

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