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Hmmm… they better spend all of that time actually making some tools so that people can make groups together instead of throwing them into the PvP blender so they can just be cannon fodder for teams. Black list, friend list, people who you last played with, private personal player rating… I hope the developers don’t act like they pretend there’s no solution to people PuGing.

I’m seeing this MMO constantly cropping up but realizing they’ll probably throw their opportunity to print money down the drain is the reason I won’t bother with it until its released and then has 3 months to see if they actually have something this time past the hype and honeymoon period.

It’s not very clever to call a Minotaur “Myrmidon”. Since Myrmidons are supposed to be a highly organized force, and not a lonely brutal fighter. And definitely have nothing in common with minotaurs, except that they are greek… It’s like calling Batman “Superman”. Makes no sense.

By the way, that’s the overall feeling I have about this game. It’s too superficial. There’s no lore, no quests, you don’t really get to build a character… it’s just an other MOBA.

Mabinogi is perhaps one of my favorite MMORPGs of all time; It’s got a friendly community, and one of the best written stories of all MMOs I know of. It’s really old though, and a bit difficult to get into, but I think your daughter might enjoy it.

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