Crowfall – The Myrmidon in Action

The official classes they describe make little sense. Originally the centaur was a DPS, now he’s a healer (for some reason). The assassin became a specialty. Minotaur a “tank”. You really need to go off what the powers are more than the class listed cause I think Artcraft doesn’t even know how to categorize some yet.

This new character looks very smooth, way more than the older characters. Are you guys going to put in some work on the old characters, trying to make them less stucky?

I cant stand that this game isnt going for more fluent combat, really turning me off from it. Really dont like being forced into certain directions or rooted attacks at all. Its such a bad mechanic.

You can fangirl all you want over it, but i still think this game has potential which is why i follow and helped fund it. I dont have to just accept everything at first iteration the game will only get better with community feed back. Also the devs have talked about that before and have done thigns to speed up animations and make the game more fluent thanks to community feed back.

The “Crow” system is awesome where you have account-wide abilities, that each character you *Find (important) can use. By “find” i mean you can literally find bodies and transfer your “crow” (soul) to that body, which may be the body of a warlord or theif, anything really. Also the necromancer class can craft bodies for people to use. Say you want a stealthy wizard, you can craft one. The bodies come in caskets which can be carried and switched whenever.

Anyone else think they need to overhaul the combat system drastically? This is basically WoW with action aiming now. Disappointing coming from an Amber backer. Oh well, I look forward to aiding in the destruction of Myrmidons everywhere because they look stupid af. I will be your gas chamber.

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