Crowfall – The Ranger in action

It makes me really sad to see how unsmooth/rugged the combat is turning into. It’s not something quick and smooth as, for example, World of Warcraft, in which you can easily move, juke, escape, etc. Since I don’t know much about game development, the physics and math involved in movements, only a bit about the basics, I hope you guys can figure out how to make it better or hire someone who’s got experience with such things. Since you guys are using Unity, I would take a look at HurtWorld or even Rust and check out how smooth(er) those game movements are – those are First Person Shooters, though. Keep it up, thanks for the videos to your contributors and good luck.

Keep in mind that WoW doesn’t have reticle targeting. If you don’t have to actually aim, but only look roughly in the direction of your opponent, then it’s much easier to be moving while fighting. On the flip side, HurtWorld and Rust (afaik) don’t have different combat skills and are basically FPS when it comes to that aspect: you have a weapon and one standard attack. Fast because their combat is very simple.

once you have a target you can do whatever. But, still, I never said I want something similar to WoW’s combat, rather, I was trying to refer to how easy it is to move around, not having to stay still, cancelling channeling, etc. I know that if moving is too easy/fast, then hitting someone will be too hard, but as it is now and how it’s looking like it’s going to be, I would probably not play the combat part of the game, which’s sad.

For the record, back quivers aren’t a thing. Especially for a ranger running around the wilderness. The arrows constantly get snagged on tree limbs and when they’re not doing that they’re falling out. Good job at least having her put the arrow on the correct side of the bow though. Most companies have it on the right, which only target shooters do. Combat archers use the left. I could go on all day about the inaccuracies in games, including this one. Knowing anything about ancient combat at all makes it very hard to suspend disbelief.

No it wasn’t. And pretty much anyone with the slightest clue what they’re doing could kill Geralt without even trying. His “technique” if you can call it that is cool looking, but highly suicidal. First time he starts spinning around like a ballerina he gets stabbed in the back.

I mean everyone that’s not a Witcher fought normally. Though too be fair his style is better validated in the books where it explains about it better how The Witchers have super human speed and strength due to the mutations, and how it was developed for fighting monsters.

Looking great so far, however the sound design could use a little work. Also you need make animations and sounds for when you land your attacks against an enemy. For example, lets say I shoot a mob with an arrow, I’d expect to hear the thud of the arrow and see the mob flinch or react some way. Same situation if I was to hit a mob with an overhead smash with a two handed hammer, I’d expect it to look like it really hurt. Without this combat will feel floaty and unsatisfying. Keep up the good work, will look forward to see this game release.

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