Crowfall – The Ranger (tutorial)

Great stuff ranger looks really cool and as long as arrows can stack to a HIGH amount of quantity I feel the ammo will work. They should also be very very easy to craft. Excited to see some like “Legendary arrows” that are super hard to craft/require a ton of special mats.

If you want to incorporate the “Charge up bow shots” mechanic, maybe take that into consideration when doing the animations (and sounds) for the bow too? It’s really lame as just a bar you can see when you could actually make the character draw the bow until fully charged. Even “The Sparrow” specialist ability in Black Ops 3 has this!

Ranger is the only class I care about in any game. Looks alright so far. Better than other games’ Rangers, like GW2’s shitty rangers. Thing about Ammo Count in an MMO is you make us shoot 90 arrows to kill one mob. Damn well better be able to go up to the mob and reclaim arrows, like in Skyrim….

Thats why Arrow Count WORKS in skyrim, because your arrows are persistent in the world! In MMORPGs, they’re usually just non-existent “air”.

I can tell you that in the Hunger Dome 1.3, Rangers start with 4000 arrows in their inventory, which is way more than enough for a single match. I have no idea what the max stack size will be though. The good thing about using physical arrows is that you can just keep firing them until you run out, which could take a very long time.

Imagine you are on the wall of your fortress, sending arrows down upon the attackers trying to break down your walls. Now imagine you have to stop every 2 minutes to regen energy or mana or whatever. With arrows, you don’t have to regen anything. You just need to be prepared with a large supply of arrows and you are good to go. It’s a different kind of resource management, but one I think lends itself well to the Ranger.

Ok crowfall listen up. This woman should do your class intoduction videos. she makes the videos fun to watch and explains the abilities in a nice fluid way. The other class videos were a bit boring and slow tbh but this women knows how to make these types of videos more fluid and less boring. And as an added bonus she’s lovely to look at😃. Nice video hope you get to redo the rest!

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