Crowfall – User Interface Update, September 2016

I don’t like fullscreen views, since they hide the chat. Makes it inconvenient to chat with friends while also looking at e.g. the training menu. Either keep the chat visible or make them into smaller windows.

Looks beautiful to me, Really looking forward to getting a chance to dive into crowfall for sure. Hopefully the importance, and roleplay behind collecting a powerful peice of gear feels rewarding instead of cookie cutter, and like another bland achievement… Or at least divide the groups so that people can play with people on equal grounds…. maybe like say if WoW had 10 PVP ranks instead of PVP gear and 2k PVP gear that can easily be carried or on a account someone bought. Its so frustrating playing with people with undeserved achievements, or not knowing if someone is truly a 2.5k player or a 1700 player with a bought account or got boosted once so they tend to get in with a crowd of people every season that can carry them just because of a achievement saying they were 1750 or 2k once. That would be beneficial for the higher ranked people, and the lower ranked people in every aspect.

I think crafting, or being self reliant in every aspect is another key thing that should be focused on… Getting the best sword in the world off the final boss in the game is always kinda cool, but very generic in comparison to being able to gather rare resources, and form a peice of gear or weapons. That could be upgraded, or enchanted/enhanced by boss drop loot type of thing. I really wish Wow would focus on how amazing crafting professions, and economy could be. Hopefully you guys pick up on their slack. Wish yall the best.

Looking good. One thing I would like to see as regards the chat windows is the ability we had in Shadowbane to customize the text color for every window and text-type, so combat messages could be a certain color, tells could be another color and so on, with each window potentially being assigned a combination of text-types. It has astounded me how many games since SB have lacked this simple feature and I hope CF is not regressive in this respect.

The Shadowbane UI was very avant-garde. Still, today in 2016, very few games offer the easy level of customization Shadowbane had. You could Ctrl-click any power/skill/emote to hotkey it; drag-click any power/skill/emote onto the screen to make it a clickable button; make some specific chat channel visible on a translucent or transparent background, etc.

Sorry guys but this Reticle Aiming is simply ineffective. It causes players to tunnel vision and limits your both perspective and abilities. Let’s say I’m playing a Healer type of character, I should keep my reticle constantly on the squishiest target of my team in, lets say, 5v5 scenario, right? So how the hell am I going to kite, soft CC (slow, root, etc) melee characters, lets say, tanks off me while maintining healing my team? Now put urself in the perspective of the tank, I want to maintain pressure on the enemy Healer/squishies while potentially trying to slow or stun (pull?) their team’s melee/another backline member? With Reticle targeting you simply cannot maintain presence on more than one target which creates HUGE tunnel vision. And another thing to mention is you dont have any vision behind your character. In order to see what’s happening behind you, you need to turn the whoooole screen 180 degress which displaces your aim completely. So what if I get hoped from behind by assassin trying to land typical Backstabs, while I’m already fighting another player infront of me?

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