Crowfall’s Guinecean Duelist Powers Showcased

Arguably the most adorable character class in MMO history takes the spotlight in a recent Guinecean Duelist powers showcase written by the Crowfall dev Thomas Blair.

The Duelist’s array of skills involve the building up and spending of Pips – energy or combo points in other games – that either improve the damage of the Duelist’s skills or can apply buffs or debuffs. Skills that consume Pips consume all of the points earned, meaning the more Pips, the stronger the effect.

Duelists will also get an out-of-combat skill that lets them go in to a form of stealth by burrowing underground. While Burrowed, Duelists get a variety of new abilities that can let them tunnel beneath impeding walls, call in a cannon barrage, surprise an enemy with an ambush maneuver and a Recon power that applies a debuff that is still in the works. They can also use a Vanish skill that puts them in to a Burrowed state and leaves behind an explosive decoy.

The post also details the Duelist’s left and right-click skills, its various powers including one that applies a random buff and other details about the class. You can read up more about the Guinecean Duelist on the Crowfall site.

Our Thoughts

The Duelist has got to be the single most adorable swashbuckler ever devised in MMO gaming, but the amount of crafty skills available to the class means players underestimate it at their peril. Of course, any number of the skills and powers detailed in the post could be completely changed or removed over the course of development, but we definitely love what we see so far!

Your Thoughts

What do you think about the Duelist? Is this going to be the class you’ll try out in Crowfall, or is there another one you’re interested in? Tell us below!

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