Fighting will be one of those specialisations naturally

the way I understand it is that you can only train 1 general skill at any one time even if you have another character. What if I want to craft but also want to be a fighter? Essentially I would be completly useless in fighting if I choose to go the craft path is that correct?

You aren’t useless by any means, it doesn’t mean you can’t “fight” it only means you can’t “fight” as good as others may do. You are specializing yourself on something, which means you can do something that others won’t be able to and thus generate a need for yourself and a need for others, that is the whole meaning of the System to create dependency.

Fighting will be one of those specialisations naturally, for example the leader skill that will cause people to get a buff if you are in a group with them. Sure as a crafter you won’t have that buff, but you can provide them with your crafted items on the branch you specialize. You can naturally split your time between fighting and crafting skills to become a hybrid, but others will advance further in the Tree to specialize in something you didn’t and be able to craft other items.

Either way fighting will be among the basic activities and as we know a good weapon/armor can help in battle, skills will make them more efficent yes. But you will be by no means defenseless, just not as good in battle. May not having as much HP or dealing as much damage as your oponened would under same circumstances. In return you have access to items that your opponent doesn’t if he isn’t trading for it.

That’s what I’m worried about the good fighters can always get good crafting gear by buying it and trading, but the good crafters cant buy good fighting skills to help them. So essentially if you’re going to be a crafter you really shouldn’t be fighting because you wouldn’t have a chance against someone decent at fighting and having the skills. Sure you could have a second account, Its not a monthly p2p so someone buys its for a flat box price and has it anyway, they now can have dedicated fighter and crafter to me it doesn’t make sense because of this fact, people would easily pay box price for an additional account so they could have 2 specializations.

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