Friendly fire forces logistics upon you that are much more challenging

I really hope friendly fire will be meaningful. At the very least what yamix described here. That should work alright with the abilities and powers as they are now but still make friendly fire an element that can hinder mindless guild/alliance zerging. If team size is 6-8 max, and there is no raids setup whatsoever, even if FF only works outside of your group that will still be ok to hinder zerg blobs (coupled with body blocking). It would be even better without AoE caps and damage splitting, one can hope devs reconsider on those. _At the very least_ damage splitting needs to go. The more you encourage people to run around in tight balls, the worse it will be.

That poll is completely irrelevant to my statement, my second line should have made it clear that I was talking about a finished product not what a handful of testers think. Don’t dismiss the voice of casuals, newer generations, and even some of the old schoolers. That was my opinion on what I *speculate* will be the case, trying to counter it with a poll that represents a very small portion of what the actual community will be after release is pretty silly.


While the intent is to appeal to a certain type of player, we all know (ACE included) that any game that is half decent a healthy release population if the game is known. To believe otherwise is mind boggling.

I gave reasons why I think it will be a bad idea and why players will change their minds if FF actually walks up and kicks them in the face, that doesn’t mean I’m not all for having it in certain campaign types. I stand by my statement though, if it comes out and when players see the issues it can and will cause, many will change their perspective.

I agree with Todd. Given the size of the character models, number of characters on screen in these battles, the way collision, targeting and physics work in this game I don’t see how full on friendly fire would ever work and be fun. You can do lots of different limited versions of friendly fire and I think it would work just great. These include group immunity, nation immunity or reduced damage percentage to allies or group members with friendly fire otherwise active.

Having a larger force should be a valid (and arguably effective) tactic against your enemies. It has worked in history, so why not in a strategy-based game? What’s important is that ACE provide the tools and abilities to win outnumbered fights. I.E. hit and runing, kamikaze-ing, choke pointing, these should all be usable to hinder a larger force and possibly cripple/defeat them.

And if ACE is still planning on full environmental destruction, I would like to see using the environment to kill your foes, like dropping a boulder on them, or getting them caught in a landslide. These should all be things to stop zergs, not just FF, even if FF is the most effective deterrent.

Absolutely correct, for some odd reason some people think that less features = more hardcore or more inconvenience features makes your a better player, both of which are completely untrue, adding large mechanics like friendly fire can add more annoyance than depth to the game. If you’re going to make an argument for friendly fire please don’t give “because its hardcore” as a reason.

Friendly fire forces logistics upon you that are much more challenging and require much more awareness than otherwise. Generally casuals gravitate towards casual features, which are usually more easy, require less investment and thought, and less challenge. This is why, for example, a raid that is tuned to casual players will be significantly easier than one tuned to a hardcore progression guild.

It’s much easier not to worry about your spells harming your teammates than it is to worry about them… it changes how the game is played and what level of awareness and understanding is required to excel.

As I said before… let the more hardcore rulesets have their hardcore features, if people need something softer then make rulesets for them as well.

Hardcore rulesets are never the most popular… but since this game was billed as that hardcore pvp game they need to give hardcore players at least their own little playground to have fun in.

My concern in regards to the hardcore features is that you have casuals parading as hardcore pvpers who will try to dumb down the hardcore rulesets just so they can convince themselves they are hardcore. If someone can’t see why friendly fire is more hardcore, that’s fine… but give those that are actually hardcore a chance to have our fun…. Don’t force us to be muzzled by casual features just because they don’t understand.

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