Harvesting will be a main specialization besides combat and crafting

Whats wrong with the current one general skill and one/three archetype skills? Won’t discipline runes and vessels provide most of the boost when trying to be awesome at something.

Because fighters are part of this trinity. I don’t see people playing dps/healer or dps/tank in wow. This game will just become another GuildWars 2 if everyone is known for fighting.

And we will have another game where everyone can craft? No, thanks. ACE always said that crafting will be full-time gameplay, not something you can do when you can’t do anything else. Wanna be good in fighting? Find a crafter or spend your money. Wanna be good crafter? You will need protection from fighters.


To be honest i don’t get what all the fuss is about. I think the current model is fair. You want to focus on crafting/harvesting? You’re going to be worse at combat. You want to focus on combat? You’re not going to craft/harvest stuff. With player-based economy its quite a good model, because crafting and harvesting would become less relevant with jack-of-all-trades running around.

The fact that people feel entitled to everything is problem, not proposed mechanic. I don’t want to be that guy, but there are currently many alternatives where you can have exactly what you want; Let one game try things different way.

Probably, this will be self-balancing thing. You are not island, you are not alone. If there would be too few suppliers, prices will be high, and some people would become one for profits. If there will be too many suppliers, prices will be low, many suppliers will not withstand competition and start to pursue more combat oriented path.

Harvesting will be a main specialization besides combat and crafting? So there will be characters which cant neither fight nor craft, but harvest solely? So there will be different player types in Crowfall, which will only be able to do this one specific thing with their Crowfall account?

That sounds boring and isnt a very good solution. In Star Citizen I can do all sorts of things if I want to do them, but I need other people to be able to use bigger multi crew ships, as well as I have to earn these ships first too, which takes much (combined) time and effort.

You know… passive skill growth works like that. EVE being the prime example this kind of thing works good and specialisation is not a bad thing (with whole corporation focused only on mining). And teamplay will be a good way to support each other. Thats what guilds are for, some people will focus on crafting, other will focus on combat and other on gathering and delivering the resources. That’s how the devs envisioned it.

What i think most of you should consider is: you have freedom of choice what you want to dedicate to. And that is what counts. You shouldn’t cry if you want to focus on crafting instead of combat and then realise that you’re a bit weaker in a fight.

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