How this crafting system works first-hand

I may have to play a dedicated crafter cuz I’m such a klutz with real-time games. I’ll try various different combat toons, trying to find a niche. Druid looks possible, it also looks like the best woodworker, mount trainer and thrall binder. I may roll several druids to find a really good niche. Come see me when you need an epic compound bow or ironwood shaft for that polearm.

I will be crafting on my main for the crowfall community, im a main crafter for my guild also, heavy armor will be my speciality. Can’t wait to see how in depth we can get with crafting.


I am extremely excited to see how this crafting system works first-hand. The idea of making the same plate armor only with different materials… It’s an odd thought, but I wonder if the very appearance of the armor changes based on the metal used? Like, an iron plate is a darker metal than a silver plate, and a gold plate is, well, gold But since something like the Plate Helm allows for 3 different metals to be used in its creation, I wonder how many variations a single type of armor can have? And if the armor/weapon becomes enchanted, does that change the appearance at all or just the stats? There are so many possibilities for this type of system.

Oh, that’s totally cool. I was just kinda confused because of the list. I will probably take the least popular crafting discipline to feel like a special snowflake, but I am not going to be a dedicated crafter.

If it has enough depth, I definitely see myself doing crafting full time, as I have in many other games (or at least spent the majority of my time crafting). I have too many questions and no feel for it, so will just have to see how things turn out.

To be honest man, not everybody has the fortitude to spend their days swinging a pick-axe to turn a profit. Killing people is a much more direct way to gain items and reputation.

The purpose of this list has several reasons. The first one, is that it’s a beacon for crafters to gather around. It gives us an idea of who else shares our passion and gives us an idea of who our community will be comprised of in the game. It also lets the developers know that the community is filled with people that appreciate their efforts to make crafting important.

Don’t you worry your pretty little head. I’m going to crush this game’s economy with superior crafting and recruiting. I plan on making friends with all of the best crafters so we can decide the fate of the world from our nice new thrones.

Really it’s a matter of if you’re about this style. Power gaming and being self sufficient is one style of gaming but, full blown crafter is another. When somebody asks you what your favorite aspect of an MMO is…do you automatically think about crafting?

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