Who are you guys?

ArtCraft Entertainment, developers of the highly anticipated upcoming MMO, Crowfall®.


What is Crowfall?

Crowfall is a new type of massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG). We call it a throne war simulator because it is a mix of a traditional MMO with a large-scale strategy game.


What is a Throne War Simulator?

Most MMOs are inherently static: no matter what the players do, the game is basically unchanged from one day to the next. Log out for six months… What happens?  You return to the same place, at the same level, needing to finish the same quest as before. And, but for the occasional expansion pack, nothing EVER changes in an MMO (and even expansion packs aren’t real change… they happen because of the developer, not the players! Never the players!)

Crowfall is different. Each server is a CAMPAIGN WORLD with a unique map and a set time and date when the campaign BEGINS and ENDS.


What happens on a Campaign Server?

Through the course of a campaign, guilds and noble houses will explore the world, collect resources (stone, ore, wood) and use them to build castles and claim territory.

Villages turn into kingdoms, and as these kingdoms grow, conflict is inevitable – resulting in assassinations, sieges, alliances and betrayals. At the end of the campaign, the world ends. Literally – it goes OFFLINE forever. Only one faction can win the campaign.

We want it to feel like you’re living out a season of Game of Thrones where the actions of the PLAYERS determine the fate of the world.


Does everything get wiped at the end of each campaign?

Not everything, no.

Your character is an immortal hero, sent to these dying worlds to fight as champions of the Gods.

In technical terms, that means player advancement (i.e. increasing your skills) happens across ALL worlds. If you increase your sword skill (using our passive training system described here), you get the benefit of that across every world (and every campaign) that you visit.

Additionally, there is an IMPORT and EXPORT system that determines how much you can carry in or out of any given campaign. Some campaigns allow you to come in fully-loaded; others require all participants to start completely naked (i.e. “Terminator rules”). The better your faction does in a campaign, the more “spoils of war” you can carry into the next campaign or back to your home kingdom.


Home Kingdom? What’s that?

In addition to CAMPAIGN SERVERS, we also offer player-run worlds that never go away. These are known as ETERNAL KINGDOMS. These servers are more like traditional MMO servers; they never go away.  Players build and manage these kingdoms, and they act as staging grounds and “rest areas” between campaigns.


How do you ‘win’ the game?

Campaign worlds have clear victory conditions, with obvious winners and losers.

Across multiple campaigns, players will determine their own objectives. Generally, there are three main goals, and each player can choose to focus on one or attempt to master all three:

GLORY (amass military strength)

WEALTH (collect economic interests)

POWER (build an empire)

You’re right. This sounds like a very different kind of MMO.

We know. That’s why Crowfall is crowdfunded – the design is risky, and not everyone is going to want to play a game like this.  We took a risk about 15 months ago, during our Kickstarter, that we could find enough players to bring this community to life.  Fortunately for us, that risk paid off.


What else can you tell me about Crowfall?

We already had a TON of information posted about Crowfall on our website,  You can start with the FAQ section, which outlines the many different systems and how they interrelate.


Why are you doing a 12 hour livestream?

Our friends over at Portalarium, who are behind the crowdfunded title Shroud of the Avatar, have done a few of these and they said that a livestream is a great way to interact with your online game community. We decided to try it out and see!


How do I watch the livestream? And when is it happening?

The livesteam will be available from 8am to 8pm central time on Monday, June 27th, 2016. You can watch it here:


Will you do more livestreams in the future?

Maybe! We’ll see how this one goes first.


I’ve been following Crowfall for a while. Are you guys announcing anything new during the livestream?


We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Travian Games to help us distribute and operate Crowfall in Europe, MENA and Brazil.


Who is Travian Games?

Travian Games is an independent video game development company headquartered in Munich, Germany. They are known for the enormously popular strategy game, Travian, which has attracted many millions of players globally since its launch in 2005.


Why did you decide to partner with Travian Games?

We talked with a lot of different companies; practically every MMO publisher on the planet. We also talked with our community to ask them which companies they thought would (or wouldn’t) make a good partner and why.

We decided to partner with Travian because, at their heart, they are an independent developer like us.  We wanted to find a partner that really believed in the vision of our game.  We didn’t want to partner with someone who thought “the idea is good, but really you should change it to X, Y and Z.”

We felt a great (and immediate) cultural fit with the Travian team.  Crowfall isn’t just another game for them – it’s a natural evolution of the idea of campaign-based gaming; the idea they pioneered with Travian (the game).

In short: we didn’t want a traditional ‘publisher.’ We wanted a partner.


What stage of development are you in?

Crowfall is currently in pre-alpha testing. Backers who have supported the game at various levels can get into early playtest sessions to help us test the game, provide feedback, and help us steer development. For more information about pledging, click here.

…and remember, TODAY ONLY we are offering a SALE on all pledge packages!


What packages are on sale?

ALL of them!

Today only, we are offering the following discounts on pledge packages:

  • Contributor 2016:$30
  • Backer 2016:$60
  • Bronze 2016:$85
  • Gold 2016:$150
  • Amber 2016:$210
  • Sapphire 2016:$420
  • Ruby 2016:$840

I already have a package! Can I UPGRADE to take advantage of these discounts?



Can I get credit for the discount on a package I already own?

No, that’s not how sales work with any retailer. You can, however, take advantage of the discount TODAY ONLY to UPGRADE to a better package for less!


I have a package on layaway.  Can I take advantage of the discount?

If you have a 2016 package on layaway, you can cancel the layaway by going to the bottom of the layaway payments page, canceling your layaway and redoing it with the resulting credit at the sale price.

NOTE: If you have a 2015 or KS package DON’T DO THIS! You will lose your layaway, and not be able to repurchase your Kickstarter or 2015 package as these are no longer available on the store!


I heard you were doing prize giveaways?

Yes! We will be doing a giveaway every hour, on the hour, for the duration of the livestream! To participate, log into our livestream at

– See more at:–faq#sthash.V2aQlbXT.dpuf

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