Male/female options adds cosmetic value

This is honestly something I was expecting as the given lore made the fae an extreme matriarchy but ACE is calling them halfbreed which is making me think they are doing something different with the males.

Unfortunately it seems they streamlined all the aspects of the game in order to reduce cost in the long run except for actual archetypes. Each one requires all new art, modeling, animations. Since they made such a effort to reduce cost i’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt with this but, yeah, $70k for a male version seems to be quite a bit.

Yeah sure, developing a video game sure is a complex task. And MMO-games are the most complex game-projects. Thats why game releases and such cant be estimated even in yearly steps by even much experienced people.I understand that and fully accept that you cant predict such things ahead in costs beforehand accurate, even if you really honestly and professional try to, thats life.


That “old dude” has a very enviable game resume btw. And I’m absolutely sure he’s passionate about the Elder Scrolls. He had approximately zero input in their business practices is my bet.

If it wasn’t too much effort we wouldn’t have any gender locked archetypes. It is literally double the effort, that’s why they got gender locked in the first place. Female centaurs were a bit more than 70k weren’t they? i want to say they were at least 100k.

The videos are awesome and have been coming frequently, the video guy was totally worth the stretch goal. Besides they will undoubtedly draw in far more customers than ACE spends on his salary.

As for the male assassin, it’s cool enough but if It comes down to money I’d rather have different race/archetype mash ups as stretch goals. Male/female options adds cosmetic value but does nothing for character build diversity.

Well, given what we know from the background, it’s really pretty appropriate. The narrator mentions that she did have a sibling (if briefly), so it stands to reason that male “fae” do exist in some capacity (even if they are “halfbreeds”…it’s a whole chicken and the egg situation). I imagine that some Fae females pitied their male offspring and either raised them in secret, or some may have thought that abandoning them to the wilds was just as efficient a way of killing them as any other, and against the odds they survived.

Also, from an RP perspective, allowing players to play the niche of the sneaky stealthy rogue as both male and female is definitely a good move. Personally, I never play as a G.I.R.L. in a game, cause at some point or another, it gets (if hilariously) creepy after a bit. It was a big reason I hadn’t really considered playing a rogue before, because the RP backgrounds and scenarios were a little too narrow in that regard. Now, ACE has given me A LOT to think about (as given what we know about the rogue archetype and the fae race, RPing a male fae will be so exciting now).

As it is, as other people keep advocating, race/archetype combos probably take a backseat to development funding and launch (having another gender skin though doesn’t sound too unreasonable to me, as, of course, the money put into this stretch goal will most likely be used for other things as well. I mean, do people really think that all $200,000 for the female centaur stretch goal ALL went into animating the female centaur? (Actually, given all the trouble the male centaur has caused…i retract my previous statement…)

I can understand 70K for a new archetype gender, I would have preferred a larger stretch goal to design mounted combat and/or aerial combat for many archetypes as their gameplay feature or promotion class feature rather than see another gender added for the flight barely Fae.

I also don’t see the point in having them be half breed… I mean these are immortalized heroes, so why did the gods choose half breeds over full breeds? Are they going to behave relatively different from full bred women, or are they all halflings now?

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