Persistence for alpha testing makes sense

“Soft Launch” to me sounds like “early access” or releasing a game that’s not quite ready to be released yet and finishing it as you go. Is that the plan? Is it because of the delays and things taking longer that you’re afraid of running out of money and rather than seek additional investors you’d rather push the soft launch to get a little more revenue flowing? Again, the timing of this “soft launch” news just seems weird to me. This is something I would expect to see closer to the target date (late 2016 or early 2017).

Overall I’m happier with a soft launch because the sooner I can get in and start playing a persistent version of Crowfall the better. I’m just wondering how outsiders who aren’t sold on the game will perceive it. It’s also following a trend that I’m not so fond of and that’s “early access” games. I’m sure you will hear a lot of folks screaming of yet another “paid alpha/beta”. I already signed up for a paid alpha by pledging to support the game via kickstarter so again, I’m fine it it. Not everyone will be though.


It’s all good. I think everyone believed that there would be some sort of delay after SP got pushed back. It’s a lot to get done in a short amount of time. As long as the rest of the backers get to test within a reasonable time frame, another 3 or 6 months won’t really matter.

This is why I feel like small indie game Dev made MMOs are the way to go. If this was big budget big name Dev, the good enough move on mantra would be the main philosophy and like we’ve seen countless time the launched product is just an empty shell of what it should have been. We’ll have to wait longer to play the “full” game but IMO it’ll hopefully pay off ten fold in the long run. If they can deliver the game they promised during KS I have no doubt its something I’ll play for years.

I think I’m reading this a little differently. The game will have a “release” and that will constitute the last wipe, and everything in the game to that point will be optimized. What this post is saying is that not everything in the vision will be in the game yet: maybe many of the disciplines, some of the rule-sets, some of the other ideas. What I hope this post is not saying is that the game begins its persistent characters before it ships. That would be disastrous, in my view.

All people invested in the game, and people waiting to buy the game at release need ample time to know there will not be any more wipes. My guild would be really disgruntled if only those of us who kickstarted get to start the game. Please, do not follow the current trends of “early access,” just follow your ideas of “core game release.”

Persistence for alpha testing makes sense. Wipes are likely only needed when you make changes to character systems (skills in particular), so really, you can soft launch when you’ve got skills set to the point where you’re not going to have to change parts that people have already spent on (since you have no way of refunding time spent raising those skills). The CW’s already reset. EK’s can be rebuilt as necessary.

Hope they clarify more but I think some people might get the wrong impressions of “unfinished”. I think/hope they mean the core game will in fact be finished but things like outerband CWs and certain rulesets, EK functions will wait while they soft launch with completed combat, crafting and a Dregs and Shadow CW for example. I highly doubt they would have us playing in a CW were its particular functions and mechanic’s were not finished like sieging and POIs etc.

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