Preview Crowfall New Archetype Myrmindon’s Powers

ArtCraft has revealed Myrmindon’s animations, art and power kit in Crowfall in recent days. This archetype is still under development, so the features of it are might change in the future.

Myrmidon is a front line warrior that wades into melee, rampages around and destroys everything. Utilizing the tank role, Myrmidon’s skill set focuses around that point. Myrmidon uses a new resource type called Fury. Though he has a very small pool to fill, the resource type regenerates very quickly. Raging Bull is Myrmidon’s iFrame power. When this power is activated, Myrmidon rapidly charges multiple times in a small area and knocks down any (and all) enemies. While he is executing this power he is also invulnerable to damage.

Every Crowfall archetype gets an archetype-specific Retaliate passive power that can only be used when stunned or knocked down. This power, when activated, will leap the character back to their feet from the stunned or knocked-down state and will then generally deal damage to everyone in the area. Myrmidon’s primary passive power is Taste for Blood, which has a high chance to proc a 20-second buff any time Myrmidon hits a bleeding target. This buff grants the Myrmidon a 75% damage bonus to his left-click basic attack whenever he damages a bleeding target.

Myrmidon’s powers tray features Bull Rush, Pulverize, Bloodied Swipe, Gore, Colossus Smash, Arcing Slash, Cast Net, Net Pull, and Berserk. His crowd control tricks, bleeds and unique method of dealing and avoiding damage is going to take some getting used to, even for seasoned players. Those who can’t figure it out will be sad pandas and should pick a different class.

Interested players can check out the video below or visit the official Crowfall website to learn full details on Myrmidon.

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