Question about region from someone who has recently become interested in Crowfall

So, like the title says, I have only very recently gotten interested in Crowfall and had some questions about region.
What is the plan for Australia? Are we going to have our own mini-server, or be connected to the U.S servers? I like having low ping, but if that comes at the cost of playing on low-population servers I don’t think it’s worth it.

The plans for non-US regions are still looking to be sorta kinda up in the air at the moment.
They have made statements to the effect of not having Australian servers if the sales are weak there, they have publisher / producer problems there, etc.

Not having a go at you personally, but of course the sales will be weak here if they don’t make local servers. Companies always expect us to front cash to see how much interest there is then never end up considering Oceania servers again. I understand it’s tricky for them but we’re the only region this consistently happens to. I’m starting to get really shitty about it.

put the money up front, tell your friends and show them there is enough players willing to play in your region. You don’t even have to put money technically, just make a giant petition with 100,000 signatures from actual players in your region and you got a server. Sadly you will find out there is not enough players in your region to make this happen hence why you always get passes over. Trust me tho, I get it, as a USA players who loves dragon quest we got passed over quite a bit because the sales just don’t justify the games being translated and released in our region.

Ping shouldn’t be a big issue on a game like this. I’ve said it before, a game like Crowfall (and CU) shouldn’t have regional servers.the game is heavily PvP focused so PING is a HUGE deal breaker in PvP.Its focused around RvRvR or large group pvp where ping matters less, plus while the game has some action combat its not as fast as say Guild Wars 2 and it is possible to play Guild Wars 2 at a high level with ping of around 300.

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