The glass cannon! Crowfall Pre-Alpha Confessor Gameplay and First Impressions (Confessor PvP)

My first impressions of the Confessor class in Crowfall. This is very much a glass cannon fire mage style character. You’re pretty squishy but you can do A TON of damage if you are able to get your spells off. I found the Confessor to be a very satisfying class!

I don’t have a guild for Crowfall. I’ve got a few friends that are going to play though. It’s a bit too early to be locked into a guild since most people don’t know which campaign rulesets they want to play.

The spells look kind of sad. I really hope they enhance the spells and add some spells that actually look neat. So far Bless has way better spells for their casters but leave it to the Western MMO culture to have awesome spells.

I’m hoping no one has an issue with the TTK, that’s a huge problem in MMO’s today… they’re more than welcome to keep the TTK this high. The TTK is way too fast in the past recent MMO’s removing any type of reflex or response time from the game; everyone tends to just run the same glass cannon builds and even classes like “medics” or “healers” kill their targets almost immediately until months or a year later like Wildstar they finally tone overall PvP down and make the game more skill based because PvP isn’t enjoyable once people figure out the most boring class-builds. Honestly, I’m just tired of the “pop all your cooldowns” and take the player out in seconds tactic, I don’t enjoy doing it to others or having it done to myself, there’s no challenge. Looking forward to this game, I feel the potential.

The world pvp game have been terrible with this as well. No real healers and people die in 1 click from a few players. It just makes it a numbers game and nothing but, running around pressing your ranged ability to tag people for credit. I want the fights to last longer that is what worries me about Crowfall when they talk about there not being true healers, I wonder if the fights will just be over with in a minute when it comes to big numbers.

If I remember corectly there shouldnt be really a healer in Crowfall, we may get some healing consumables but all supporting that is planed will be non healing, they have some pure support classes (Druid) but even thoose should be able to heal. I cant give you source on that I read it on their web site some time ago and I dont think I can find it again.

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